Committee Contacts

Committee Chairperson Phone
Administration Don Esterle 491-1750
Adult Evangelization/Formation    
Advent Workshop Vicky Greene 456-5857
Altar Society Patti Doyle 544-2614
Art and Environment Deacon John Maher 491-5689
Baptism Instruction Annette Bergamini 491-8525 x28
Bereavement Mary Ann Scheler 495-1557
Bethany Center Brian Pfaadt 499-7726
     President John Barnett  
     Athletic Director - Boys Mike Ellison 419-7869
     Athletic Director - Girls Amy Ackermann 599-9828
Adult Sports    
     Softball Jerry Metzmeier 452-1095
     Volleyball Al Wohlleb 491-7946
     Picnic Dave Esterle 491-6635
Bus Committee Chandra Martin 762-3391
Evening Religous Ed Jim Coyle 491-8535 x26
Marriage Preparation Call Parish Office 491-8535
Ministers of Communion Susie Wilhelm 491-6747
Ministers of Hospitality Judy Landis 491-9551
Ministers of the Word Diane Jackey 491-5307
Ministry to the Sick Pat Schmidt 239-9329
Money Counters Rick & Monica Gadd 491-1793
Music Director Louis Senn 491-8535
PTO Gina Burns 775-9687
Parish Council Bill Tompkins 239-8318
Prayer Blanket Ministry Kathy Kimbel 797-6628
RCIA/ Children's Catechumenate Annette Bergamini 491-8535 x28
Sacramental Programs/
Day School
Annette Bergamini 491-8535 x28
Society of St. Vincent De Paul Jack Gumbel 451-2998
School Advisory Board Francie Russell 671-0963
  Jim Carlin 499-2601
Scout Coordinator Dan Bisig 491-1053
     Boy Scouts Dave Kinny 491-8978
     Cub Committee Chair Stephen Weihe 479-9270
     Cub Scouts Paul Baldwin 495-1506
Senior Citizens Ethel Corbett 491-0807
Server Scheduling Mary Evelyn & Larry Thomas 459-0344
Service/Social John Barnett 454-5592
Social Concerns Mary Beth Johnson 473-8669
SEAM Representative Drew McKinney 491-5184
  Mary Rita Bisig 491-1053
Time and Talent   491-8535
Vacation Church School    
Volunteer Office Help Mary Lu Schardein 491-8535 x21
Worship Committee Dan Bisig 491-1053