We, the church family of St. Martha, are a community of approximately 1200 families that has been growing and forming since 1961.

As followers of Jesus Christ, in unity with the Archdiocese of Louisville, we are first and foremost committed to the Archdiocesan Mission Statement.

At the same time, we recognize our uniqueness and the special mission set before us by the Holy Spirit. He has called us to minister in this Hikes Point community. He continues to increase our numbers. We believe we are called to do the following, to the best of our abilities, in order to be the Good News to others:

  • Offer worship experiences that enrich the lives of all our members.
  • Provide an integrated religious education and lifelong formation program, including an excellent elementary school.
  • Embrace fully the true spirit of Stewardship through a generous giving of Time, Talent and Treasure.
  • Operate a sound fiscal program that is financially stable and well managed.
  • Develop a sensitive and socially aware outreach program.
  • Offer diverse activities for all ages, including athletic, recreational, social and support opportunities.
  • Display gratitude for and sense of ownership of parish facilities.

We believe our mission expands beyond the limits of St. Martha and touches every aspect of our lives and the lives of the ones around us. Consequently, we believe that all members of St. Martha must strive daily to incorporate the message of Jesus into our personal lives and then spread that message to others.

We pledge to honor and cherish what has been given to us by our predecessors and to continue to build the cooperative spirit that exists in our faith community. We commit ourselves to joyfully welcome all who wish to share this mission, always aware that it the spirit of God directing and lighting the Way.