Letter from the Pastor

Dear Visitor to St. Martha website,
     Prosit. Pro Omnibus et Singulis. These words spoken at the end of each Mass as the priest, deacon and servers bow before the crucifix can be translated as:  For to profit, for all and for each.  In other words, the Mass is celebrated for the greater good and benefit of each and every person on earth.

     I begin my words of welcome and information about the parish with words from our celebration of Mass.  It is there that we as a parish, which includes a school, an athletic program, ministry to seniors, religious education for students who do not attend our school and many more elements, must start.  If our life and especially our time on the grounds of St. Martha do not connect us somehow to the mystery of the Holy Eucharist, then our efforts will be flat and truly unsuccessful.

     The parish at St. Martha is now in its’ 51st year of living the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in the Roman Catholic tradition, in communion with our Archbishop and the Holy Father.  We are blessed to be seeing the fruits of the Holy Spirit come alive in our parish.  Energy and excitement surround many of the activities here on campus, from our Advent workshop with our lower grades, to a large and vibrant Vacation Church School in the summer.

     My goal as pastor is simply: to create a community where Christ is known and spoken in all places.  As a priest I administer the sacraments and lend my presence to the activities here, but in the end I must step back and let each of you encounter God, and let your treasures of time and talent flow into the larger community.  We are told from Sacred Scripture, that faith without works is dead.  Having a personal connection of how God can be in your life, and your how life can have more meaning, is what I believe the goal of parish life is, as well as saving your soul!

     Visit our website, query us about our life and dedication to Christ here.  I invite each of you to come and worship with us, come to know Christ more deeply, and His Church will be glorified by your presence.

                                                                 I remain,

Devotedly Yours in Christ,

The Reverend Mark M. Hamilton, S.T.D.
Pastor, St. Martha Catholic Church