Stewardship is a total way of life. It based on the biblical view of God as Creator and us as His servants, accountable to Him for our use (stewardship) of the gifts of time, talent and treasure that He gives us during our life on earth.

Stewardship of Treasure
In this stewardship approach, the fundamental motive for giving is gratitude. When enough people are moved to return to God a truly grateful share of the blessing He bestows upon us, the Church's present needs are met, with a surplus for future expansion. Far more important however, is the spiritual blessing bestowed on those who accept the stewardship message. Giving out of gratitude means giving God the first portion of the gifts He entrusts to us. Deciding to do so is a faith decision. We are trusting that what is left over for us, after we have given to God "His" share, will be enough.

Father Hamilton talks about Stewardship of Treasure

Stewardship of Time and Talent
Stewardship calls us to view our resources of time and talent as gifts from God. By using these blessings and abilities, we express our gratitude to God, our Creator. At St. Martha parish there are many ways to offer your time and talent.

Father Hamilton talks about Stewardship of Time and Talent